Today marks the second anniversary of, a blog by my brother and myself. I’ve learned a lot from reading blogposts, so creating a blog to share knowledge in this format made sense.

We chose Blogger to host it with Google Analytics because it was easy to get started. I’ve found Blogger is ok to begin with, the main difficultly is changing the layout of the blog. All the blog urls point to our own domain and we write our posts in markdown, meaning we could easily migrate to another provider should we wish to.

Originally, we started doing one post every week, alternating between my brother and myself. However, we found it hard to keep both the pace and the quality of the content. We now aim for one post a month.

We work in software development, so the content has been around this with a focus on iOS. Some posts have been specific, others high-level and one has become an open source library.

A few stats as of today (3rd October 2017):

  • 20 posts by Luciano
  • 12 posts by Nahuel
  • The most popular post has 11,000+ views, interestingly Swift 3.2 made it’s content obsolete

Finally, I’d like to thank the following people for being kind enough to review my posts over the years (alphabetically ordered):

It took years to start a blog but I’m happy we did. I encourage you to write about anything you find interesting.